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ReubArt Fantasy, Fine, Digital, Web Design, Art by Reuben Perry!

ReubArt creates art in a wide variety of mediums and styles from oil landscape paintings and drawings to hand sculpted gargoyles, other sculptures, and painted miniatures. There's a section for Warhammer enthusiasts, miniatures, figurines, electronics, battlemechs, and paper battlemech blueprints built from scratch!

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The Riskbek Hydration Pack with Waist Pack and 2 Liter Bladder is a great hydration bag. It is on the small side and works awesome for a youth back, but if you like to travel lighter, this works well on adults as well.
The material is of high grade and the quality of the seams is high. I don't see any frayed threads or sloppy sewing. The zippers all work easily and the pockets are adequate sizes to hold some some lunch, snack, small equipment, or other various items you may need on a hike.
A big concern of mine for every hydration pack I get is how well does the bladder work? Does it leak? Can I easily get a good drink? In this case, I found no leaks, getting a drink requires "twisting" the mouthpiece (but pulling straight out also works) and biting the very end of the mouthpiece to open the valve. The product works as I would expect it to and I'm excited to take this on some hikes with my family!
I received a discount on this item for my honest review. If you are interested in picking one up yourself, they are found on Amazon:

Ancord Waterproof Bluetooth Rechargeable Speaker Review

This has exceptional bass! I did not expect such good sound out of a unit this affordable! Has a female thread in the bottom so you can mount this to a tripod. I used this in my garage while cleaning it out and inside while building some shelves in the mud room. Comes with audio cable (if you don't want to do bluetooth) and a mini usb cable for charging. Costs just a fraction of other waterproof bluetooth speakers. I recommend these!
Ancord Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio - Waterproof & Rechargeable
Only down was the effective distance was only about 10 feet.
I received a discount on this product but am not required to leave a review. I am leaving this unbiased review based solely on the product's ability to perform and how it compares with my expectation of other products like it.

Upcoming blogging of my motorcycle running lights project! Stay tuned!

Read our new Warhammer 40k Comics Strip, ThornForge!, by Reuben Perry.

ThornForge - Warhammer 40k Comics, A strip by ReubArt
Click Here to read NIDS!

Build your own PaperMech BattleMech today!
Available in MadCat and Vulture flavors!

Papermechs: Paper Battlemechs and Battlemech Blueprints
Get PaperMech Blueprints Here!

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ReubArt- Fantasy Art by Reuben Perry

Green Dragon's Valkyrie - Prismacolor Pencil on Matte

Welcome to the Art Gallery of Fantasy Artist Reuben Perry!

'ReubArt' ranges in all types of medium: graphite pencil, color pencil, pen and ink drawing, watercolor, oil, acrylic, mural, airbrushing painting, carvings and sculptures. 'ReubArt' is focused mainly on fantasy and scifi works such as dragons, fantasy landscapes, castles, space ships, fairies, battlemechs, etc. Although, Reuben enjoys real world subjects such as natural wildlife and landscapes as well.

Please browse the site and leave feedback of any sort. If you are interested in purchasing any prints and can not wait for the store to be added, please contact me HERE to let me know what I can do for you.

Thank you for your support!

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MadCat and Vulture Paper Battlemechs are now available to download! The .jpg blueprints are just under 1MB each. Download HERE!

Check the Blog for more information.

If you have any questions, please Contact the fantasy artist, Reuben Perry.

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